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Information on the 2008 Signity Watch Design Competition

1. Introduction to the competition
The Signity Watch Design Competition is all about the creation of innovative designs for new wristwatches that incorporate gemstones. Participants have the possibility to either upload their own watch design(s) or to use a toolkit to virtually configure a watch that is a true expression of their wishes and imagination. Creativity has almost no limits – the only premise is that the design must incorporate gemstones. Participants can also actively participate in the competition by voting for the designs of other contestants, thus helping to select the winners of the competition.
The Watch Design Competition is conducted by Signity in cooperation with the HYVE AG. Signity, a subsidiary of Swarovski, is the leading company for the sale and distribution of precision-cut genuine gemstones and created stones. For more information please go to www.signity.com. HYVE AG is an innovation agency, specialized in the integration of customers into product development. For more information, please go to www.hyve.de.

2. Competition goals
The goal of this competition is to generate new and innovative designs for watches incorporating gemstones. The designs will be used to derive insights into wishes and preferences for prospective watch designs. The submitted designs will not be produced in series, but Signity reserves the right to realize the winning designs as prototypes.

3. Who can enter?
The competition targets admirers of watches and design generally, as well as for those who are interested in innovative watch models and who want to showcase their own creativity. Designers and watch enthusiasts worldwide may participate in the competition. The minimum age for the participation is 18 years at the time of submission. Prospective entrants must first register and accept the competition conditions before submitting their designs. Groups are not allowed to participate in the competition. Employees of Signity, Swarovski and HYVE cannot win prizes.

4. How to participate
There are three possibilities to participate in the Signity Watch Design Competition:

Upload of own computer generated or freehand watch designs
Designs may be either created by computer generated programmes or drawn freehand. They must then be converted to JPG, GIF or PNG format for uploading to the website. The file size must not exceed 2 MB. Only one file is accepted per concept however it is possible for participants to submit any number of independent designs. Watch designs may take any format but must incorporate the creative use of gemstones.

Creation of watch designs with the watch configuration tool
It is possible to create an own watch and to assemble it with gemstones with the help of a special configuration tool based on an assortment of selected watch cases, wristlets, clock faces and colour variations

Evaluation of watch designs
For those who decide not to submit their own design, it is also possible to participate in the competition by evaluating and commenting on the submitted works of the other participants. Enjoy to opportunity to participate in the selection of the best design!

It is possible to win attractive prizes in all three forms of participation. There are no limits to the number of submissions by registered participants. Each submitted design must include a title and a short description.

5. Prizes
All submitted freely created designs have the opportunity to win cash prizes amounting to a total of 6,000 Euros:

      First prize: 3,000 Euros
      Second prize: 2,000 Euros
      Third prize: 1,000 Euros

The designs for the first three prizes are determined by a professional jury made up of international experts and designers.

Those who participate and submit their designs up to March 24, 2008 have the chance to have their design presented at BASELWORLD, the world’s largest jewellery & watch fair, held in Basel, Switzerland, from April 3-10, 2008. These designs will also be valid for the final selection of winners
The top five designs created using the watch configuration tool will be awarded valuable material prizes:

      First prize: Swarovski voucher valued at 500 Euros.
      Second and third prize: Swarovski Active Crystals Jet Hematite USB Memory Key valued at 150 Euros.
      Fourth and fifth prize: Swarovski Active Crystals Space Jet Hematite Headphones valued at 80 Euros.

The best five configured designs are determined by the voting of all users. The winners will be those designs that have registered the highest number of positive evaluations at the time of the contest deadline. Should more than one entry receive the same number of votes, the winner will be decided by a draw. It is not possible to vote for own designs. It is not possible to appeal against the decision of the operators of this contest. Legal recourse is excluded.
The most active voters (participants who register the highest number of detailed "vote & win"-evaluations) have the chance to win material prizes valued at a total of 1,500 Euros (10 x Swarovski Active Crystals Jet Hematite USB Memory Keys worth 150 Euros each).

6. Dates
March 24, 2008: Last day for submission of designs to be taken into consideration for exhibition at Baselworld 2008.
April 3-10, 2008: Presentation of the best designs at Baselworld 2008 at the Swarovski exhibition platform.
April 30, 2008: Closing date for the online competition.
Middle of May 2008: Announcement of winners.

7. Jury and evaluation
The jury is composed of an international group of experts and designers, selected by Signity. The jury is responsible for the selection of the three best freely created designs based on the following evaluation criteria: originality, innovation, realization, presentation and creativity in the utilization of gemstones.
The jury’s decision is final. The evaluation of the individual designs as regards to the evaluation criteria will not be published. The participants have no claim to individual feedback or any explanation concerning the jury’s decision.

8. Copyright and right of use
The intellectual property rights will remain with the designer.
With the submission of a design to the competition the participant grants Signity free of charge the exclusive, irrevocable, transferable and with regard to content, duration and area (territory) unlimited right of use to duplicate, disseminate, send, perform, make available to the public, including but not limiting to present the designs at exhibitions and fairs, in publications, in promotion- and PR materials, in printed material and in the World Wide Web. For this purpose the participant of the winning designs must provide the design as high-resolution graphics (300 dpi). In addition, Signity reserves the right to produce the winning designs in prototype format, which will not be used commercially.

9. Originality of the designs
The participant confirms, that the designs submitted must be original and emanate from the participant themselves. They must also be unpublished and produced expressly and solely for the competition itself. All submitted designs must not be protected by copyright- or other rights and/or infringe upon a right of third parties. This includes copyrights, logos, trademarks, trade names or proprietary rights. The copy of designs from other sources is not allowed. Any form of copy will lead to immediate disqualification. The participant shall indemnify and hold harmless Signity in the case of any infringement of a right.

10. Publication of designs/ideas
Participants who contribute their ideas to this online platform accept that all submitted ideas, designs and comments will be published in the World Wide Web and will be available to an infinite number of users. All personal data will be held strictly confidential . The organizer of the competition reserves the right to edit or delete contributions on the website without any explanation, for example, if they include any racist or sexual content or if they are considered harmful to young persons.

11. Data protection
Personal data concerning the submission of designs will only be used for administration purposes and for the evaluation of the results. All personal data will remain confidential and will not be revealed to any third parties. The personal data will be stored at the HYVE AG and will be handled according to the regulations as stated by the German data protection law. We are engaged that all customer data will be handled as confidential and we demand the same in writing from any contractors and/or cooperation partners. It is possible to contact HYVE AG (Schellingstraße 45, 80799 Munich, Germany) at any time to request the deletion of all personal data.

12. Information and contact
Schellingstrasse 45
80799 Munich
E-mail: info@hyve.de

Signity, a subsidiary of Swarovski, is the leading company in the sale and distribution of precision-cut genuine gemstones and created stones.

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